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100 Years, 100 Ways to love UGA Grad.

Kicking off this January, we will begin posting our 100 ways to love the University of Georgia Graduate School as we celebrate our Centennial Anniversary. Our 100 posts will range from photos to news to student or professor profiles to program spotlights.

Basically, you’re not going to want to miss this!

From the UGA Graduate School:

The UGA Graduate School was founded on June 10, 1910 when the Board of Trustees named Professor W.H. Bobcock Dean of the Graduate School. In 2010, the Graduate School will commemorate its first 100 years. This year will be a time for students, faculty, and alumni to celebrate the accomplishments of the Graduate School and the many students who have received their graduate degrees across all disciplines. This year wil also be time to look ahead to the next 100 years and lay the foundation for excellence in graduate education for future generations. We plan to celebrate all facets of graduate education on our campus, the individuals and organizations that demonstrate the successes of the Graduate School, and the community and state in which we have thrived. This will be a memorable year with a variety of activities that honor the past and shape the future.

Our blog is only one of the things we will be doing for our Centennial celebration. Make sure to check out our events page for an updated look at upcoming Centennial events.

We’re looking forward to celebrating our 100 years of the UGA Grad School, the roots of our graduate education.


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