100 Days … 100 Ways to Love the UGA Graduate School

2010 is finally here! This year is particularly exciting to us because it’s our 100th year on UGA’s campus. And if you’ve been braving the cold to walk around on campus, you may have noticed these decorations displayed on campus light posts to commemorate our centennial:

But light post adornments aren’t all we have planned to celebrate our 100th year! Our kickoff celebration is January 28 and will include a lecture from the president of the Council of Graduate Schools, Debra Stewart. All graduate and undergraduate students and faculty (and all of your friends!) are invited to attend. We’ll be updating you with more details as the event draws closer.

To commemorate our centennial, we’ve launched this blog to show you, our students, faculty & alumni, how much we love and appreciate your hard work within the Graduate School. We’ll be updating it daily with relevant pictures, videos, news clips and features to highlight Graduate School activities. Additionally, we invite you to comment and tell us why you love the UGA Graduate School. We look forward to hearing from you!


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