Congratulations to the UGA Graduate School for 100 wonderful years! To many many more!

Here it is!  Today was the Centennial celebration, and UGA Graduate School did it right!

Today at 3:30 p.m. at the Grand Hall in Tate II, professors and administration came out to commemorate UGA Grad School’s 100th year in existence.

Since 1910 the Graduate School has come a long way and the President of the Council of Graduate Schools herself traveled from Washington D.C. to congratulate us.  Dr. Debra Stewart, today’s keynote speaker, gave an informational and dynamic speech about the future of graduate education, how we can work to improve our graduate resources and how UGA is an exemplary institution.

Dr. Stewart addressed the umbrella issue of low graduation rates in the United States, not only in the graduate field, but also at the high school and undergraduate levels.  High school drop out is a major problem that we all need to invest our time and commitment into, especially in underrepresented minority groups.

She also touched on the ever-changing job market.  Thanks to technology and to the constant proliferation of information, future jobs are being redefined at a pace academia needs to keep up with.  “We need to unwrap the disciplinary packages and repackage them,” she said.

Dr. Stewart then talked about the financial obstacles that keep many students from pursuing a graduate education.  Some impressive statistics from her speech showed that undergraduate debt averaged around $20,000, graduate debt averaged around $52,000 and doctoral debt averaged at $78,000.  These averages were even higher for minority groups!

Finally, she wrapped with a humbling tribute to the UGA’s comparative advantage, listing three main points: UGA’s land grant mission-oriented tradition, UGA’s record of student diversity and UGA’s robust and well-established graduate school.

Dean Maureen Grasso and President Michael Adams also spoke.

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