Strategic Planning Sessions!

Eager to improve upon its already established excellence, the graduate school looks forward to developing a new strategic plan for 2020. Although, the institution has made great progress over the past 100 years in education excellence, it seeks to further its advancement and assume an even wider competitive edge in the years to come. To facilitate academic enhancement, the grad school is developing a new strategy to meet it’s  vision as a leader in graduate education by offering model-learning environments in which to educate the new generation of scholars.

In planning for the future of the institution, the grad school hopes to more successfully execute its mission in extending support to its students as well as enhancing the quality of education in all of its programs. As the Grad School aspires to inflate the quality of its education, it looks to and relies on the invaluable input of students, faculty, and members of the campus community to aide them in their development initiatives. To participate in this exciting process, sign-up to attend one of their strategic planning sessions here.


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