Action Packed Athens!

Image via UGA's Recreational Sports- Nantahala Hiking Trip

One reason to love the UGA Grad School is for its limitless provision of recreational activities. Through the GORP program, all university students alike have the chance to discover and take advantage of the Great Southern Outdoors. Whether your looking to get your SCUBA diving certification to show off in front of friends this spring break, or looking for a milder experience by joining Dr. Walter Cook on some local Athens trails, GORP offers it all. And to keep your strength and energy up on whatever trip you may choose to go on, you can expect to eat all the GORP, “good old raisins and peanuts” your heart desires. GORP’s mission is to lead and engage the diverse University community in learning and adopting healthy lifetime behaviors through participatory recreational programs and experiences. Leave no stone unturned in Athens, and take advantage of this amazing program now!

For more information or to check the calendar for upcoming programs/trips, please click here.


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