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2010: the year the Graduate School turns 100, the University turns 225 and … the year of the 2010 U.S. Census.

We love the Graduate School because it recruits a diverse group of students who contribute great things to the Athens community. And if you’re a student, one of your contributions could be your count in the Athens Census. According to the Athens Census Web site, the city loses $1,697.00 for every uncounted person in the city. This is money that could go towards better roads, parks, downtown scene and, hey, a better learning environment!

You don’t have to even permanently reside in Athens to fill out a form! As long as you are living in Athens as of April 1, 2010, you are counted in the Athens, Ga. Census – not your hometown’s.

So do your part. Make sure to fill out a Census form and be counted.

For more information, visit the Athens Census Web site, view their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter at @AthensCensusor check out this article about the 2010 Census in the Red & Black.


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A snapshot of the Centennial kickoff

Keynote speaker, Debra Stewart

"It's not just looking forward. It's looking backward to spring forward."

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